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Our Program

We know that each child has his or her own rate of learning, therefore, we avoid a competitive atmosphere and instead try to challenge each child individually, at their own pace.  Children retain and understand concepts when they have been able to actively take part; therefore we believe in learning by doing and self-discovery.  We feel that children learn best in a comfortable, non-pressured atmosphere.  Much time and energy is put into creating a feeling of comfort and security for each child within their school environment.

We help children learn many foundational skills.  However, more important that any achievement, we hope to create a school and classroom environment which gives your child an enthusiasm and passion for learning, which is a prerequisite for success in future schooling.  Staff and teachers plan take a team approach in helping meet the needs of each child from social, emotional, physical, or intellectual growth.  

Waiokeola Church Supporting Families

Waiokeola Church Preschool is a ministry of Waiokeola Church.  The Church is committed to supporting families in our community and here are some other ministries that are open to our Waiokeola Church Preschool families and greater community:

  • AWANA CLUB– From September to May, Friday nights are Awana Club Nights at Waiokeola.  Awana is a time for kids to learn about God’s Word through age appropriate fun, games and Bible Study.  Classes are offered from preschool through 6th grade.  
  •  MOM’S TIME OFF AT WAIOKEOLA– Mom’s Time off provides scheduled care for four mornings per week for children from 20 months (girls) and 24 months (boys) through 3 years of age.  The MTO program has two classes, one meets on Tuesday and Thursdays, and one class meets Wednesday and Fridays.  The goal is to provide time for mothers with small children, especially those who may not have extended family support.  The program also provides enriched quality day-care for children
For more information about these Church Ministries, please contact wccoffice@waiokeola.org or call the Church Office at (808)737-0541.