The mission of Waiokeola Church Preschool is to provide and foster an environment based on Christian values where children will develop socially, emotionally, artistically, physically, intellectually and spiritually through hands-on and cooperative learning experiences


Waiokeola Church Preschool, a Church sponsored school, has an atmosphere of trust and caring for one another which we feel is the basis of a child’s religious experience.  We help each child to know the wonders and blessings of God through Bible stories and curriculum that helps them explore the world around them.

Our main objective at Waiokeola Church Preschool is to develop in each child a sense of self-concept, self-confidence, and self-esteem.  Our goals are set within the child’s reach so they are able to develop a feeling of self-worth.  We want each child to enjoy living in a group, to contribute to the group and to make friends.  We help each child accept the modifications of his or her behavior that a group requires without stifling the spontaneity and initiative that characterizes the growing child.  We encourage each child to: become a good worker, be constructive, be thoughtful, be able to concentrate and follow directions.  We also encourage them to be respectful of the tools and equipment and their classroom and school environment and to be interested in and pleased with their own creative effort.

We feel that a child can read with comprehension only what has been established in his or her experience, and until a child has acquired a considerable background of concepts, mere verbal response to symbols has little value.  We try to give the child a greater awareness and understanding of the surrounding world, and encourage his/her natural curiosity to experience the excitement of discovery.  Experiments with growing things, science materials, observation of life processes, and many sensory experiences are provided.

Vocabulary development is stressed and children are encouraged to speak freely, to experiment with language, and to be good listeners.  Visual skills are further emphasized by learning to observe and talk about the observations.  We provide experiences with mathematical implications.  The children learn about distance, direction, quantity, pattern, and order which will provide a basis upon which they will build their future understanding of mathematics.

Creativity is further emphasized at Waiokeola through art, music, drama, and physical education.  In art, the involvement rather than the finished product is stressed.  Through the use of variety of art materials, children are encouraged to express their feelings and interests.  In music, we try to bring out the rhythm and musical abilities that each child naturally possesses.  Through physical education classes, children have opportunities to develop their gross motor skills by participating in creative movement and group games, while learning skills such as catching, throwing, and hopping in a fun and exciting class.